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We started the company SafeTAs in the spring of 2020, with a desire to influence the lifting industry, and to innovate the technology with focus on safe lifts, by finding new solutions for carrying out “best practice” for everyone who conducts lifting operations in all industries 

Through our experience from the industry, we have seen problems regarding equipment and solutions, that we wish to address 

We have developed a new solution for safe use of straps, regarding minimum requirements to the contact diameter 

Our goal is to influence the use of equipment, aids and systems to be able to work safer, better and according to regulations and requirements set by the manufacturer of lifting equipment •Our adaptor is easy to implement in all lifting operations over the world

Now we are looking for partners to help us reach out to the world with our product, Trygg, solves the problem to get sufficient contact surface when using straps. use the form below if you are the one !!


SafeT AS Wholesale is a Factory-Direct Program designed to offer our products in large quantities to resellers and distributors.

  • As a reseller you are prohibited from selling on 3rd party marketplaces (Amazon, eBay etc.)
  • You must follow our MAP (Minimum Advertised Price) policy
  • All wholesale orders must be in case-quantities, there are no exceptions and minimum order amount is €10.000(must be paid before delivery)
  • To keep your deal your will be required to place minimum 1 order per year.
  • There are overall annual minimums that must be met depending on your business type
  • Order processing can take up to 10-15 business days during high seasonal volume
  • We do not offer private/white label programs
  • We do not offer territorial exclusivity

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